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Simulate a real life capacitive touch button

The difficulty of implementing capacitive sensing capabilities in a product is often overlooked. Those of you that have worked in a project involving capacitive sensing know that there are several hurdles to overcome in order to successfully execute such a project. These include:

  1. There is no standardized development process for systems with capacitive touch capabilities. Even starting a capacitive touch project can be overwhelming for newcomers.
  2. Translating requirements from the end-customers to schematic diagrams or physical layouts is very demanding.
  3. There are many capacitive touch vendors to choose from, but not enough time to evaluate all the options, mainly because…
  4. ...configuring a capacitive touch controller takes too much time.
  5. Finally, even if you manage to verify that the capacitive touch system end-product behaves well in test-conditions, there is no guarantee that it will not fail in real-world scenarios, or that the behavior of mass-products will be the same.

Fieldscale SENSE solves all these problems. SENSE is the industry’s only software exclusively created for capacitive touch sensors. SENSE empowers the different stakeholders of the touch sensor industry to easily design and analyze capacitive touch sensor systems. SENSE automates the most tedious parts of design and analysis, making it ideal for deployment in all the stages of product development and use of engineers with any background or level of expertise with simulation tools.

Key-problems that SENSE solves include:

  1. Provides a simple 4-step standardized development process for capacitive touch systems.
  2. Allows for the easy design of target schematics, providing templated schematics to build upon.
  3. Enables the virtual testing of components from its library.
  4. Automatically extracts the configuration file of the controller, which can then be used to tune the actual controller of the physical capacitive touch system.
  5. Testing of different environmental conditions (e.g. presence of liquid) and verification of manufacturing tolerances.

With SENSE you can simulate any capacitive touch sensor. Either you are working with one of the parametrized predefined patterns of SENSE’s library, or you have a proprietary pattern, you can simply import it in SENSE and its intelligent engine will create the 3D geometry. You can even draw your own geometry, taking advantage of the fully customizable components featured in SENSE. SENSE’s result gives you unique insight into the performance of your design. 

You can see the full product description, feature list and use cases in the presentation:

Fieldscale SENSE Product Description from Fieldscale

A simple example that showcases the capabilities of SENSE can be found in the video:

Interested in designing and analyzing capacitive touch sensors the easy way? 

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Market/financial analyst interested in capacitive touch sensors/touchscreens/buttons/sliders/wheels, displays, electronics and new materials. I work for Fieldscale, our product SENSE is a parasitic extractor tool for extracting capacitance and resistance from capacitive touch sensors based on dxf-Gerber files. The industry's first end-to-end solution for the design, schematic capture, and system-level simulation of capacitive touch sensors

2 Sep 2019, 13:15