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Hi everyone, we're excited to share our latest video series - Signal Sources Series. We are very honoured to have Catherine make this series of videos. Catherine is a typical engineering woman, who likes to try all kinds of new software and hardware, any new technologies. She has been in the electrical and electronic, test and measurement field for more than ten years, and hopes to share her experience with you.

Signal Source intro Image

In this series, we will have 10 videos on signal sources including AC/DC power supplies, analogue, and digital signal generators, and more. In each video, we explain the fundamentals and share how to choose the best equipment for you.

Below are the chapters and links to each video, I hope you like this series and that it is helpful to you.

1. Why we need a signal source

In this video, we will figure out what a signal source is and why it is needed in the lab. The classification of signal source devices is also introduced.

2. AC power supply

This video introduces the generator principle and the definition of AC-related index parameters. At the same time, it introduces its main parameters in combination with the actual AC source equipment.

3. DC power supply

This video introduces the generation principle and related parameters of DC power supply, and also introduces the factors that need to be considered when choosing a suitable DC power supply.

4. Power supply operation

This video introduces and demonstrates the regulation of constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CC) modes for DC output. It also introduces special waveform modes for AC power.

5. The importance of simulation

This video explains the necessity of simulating the real world in the lab, and the equipment needed.

6. Brief Introduce waveform generator

This video introduces the definition of a waveform generator, how it works, as well as basic and modulated waveforms.

7. How to choose an Arb function generator

This video introduces the AFG type and factors to be considered when selecting.

8. AFG basic operation

This video will demonstrate the AFG waveform setup and output, and channel synchronization.

9. Digital signal source brief

This video introduces the definition and classification of digital signal sources.

10. Summary

As one of the three Musketeers in the laboratory, the signal source has the most extensive application scenarios. This video summarizes the previous videos and lists the signal source classification table and selection guide.

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