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ShroukieTronix! Episode 3: 555 Timer!

What's a 555 timer?

Parts list

Qty Product Part number
1 SAD-101, Breadboard Solderless Breadboard 83 x 52 x 9mm 189-2277
1 555 Timer IC 346-7024
1 M2M Jumper wires 791-6463
1 Duracell Ultra Power Duracell Alkaline 9V Battery PP3 841-7002
1 RS PRO 9V PP3 Battery Holder 185-4754
1 Capacitor,ceramic,multi layer,radial,5mm pitch,conformally coated,Z5U,20%,50Vdc,1.0uF 538-1578
1 Vishay 100nF Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor MLCC 50V dc ±10% , Through Hole K104K15X7RF53H5 852-3270
1 RS PRO 470kΩ Carbon Film Resistor 0.25W ±5% 707-7883
1 Yageo 1kΩ Through Hole Fixed Resistor 10W 5% SQP10AJB-1K 199-1726
1 RS PRO 1MΩ Carbon Film Resistor 0.25W ±5% 707-7903
1 RS PRO 1.5kΩ Carbon Film Resistor 0.25W ±5% 707-7681
1 4 V White LED 5mm Through Hole, Cree LED C512A-WNN-CZ0B0151 904-7360

Hello friends!

Parts list above to make your very own timer circuit! Play around with various capacitors and resistors to see how they affect the output on the LED. Some links below to optional equipment:

  • This >multimeter (123-3366) is great to start with. If you're getting super serious about electronics and want to invest in more equipment, I can't recommend my Fluke 177 (025-2793) enough!
  • For this project, a PC-based PicoScope (07934711) would be more than enough. But if you are after another serious investment, I absolutely LOVE my LeCroy (177-1268)

Keep tinkering!

Shrouk ☀️

By Senior Electronics Engineer Shrouk El-Attar, MEng (She/They -> why is this here?)

BBC 100 Most Influential Women 2018 | United Nations refugee agency Young Woman of the Year 2018 | IET top 6 Young Women Engineers 2019 | Women's Engineering Society award winner 2020 | Difference maker and big smasher of stereotypes! ✊

Hello! My name is Shrouk El-Attar and I’m an Engineer, Belly Dancer, Refugee! I’m the Lead Electronics Engineering Consultant at Shrouk El-Attar Consultancy and my pronouns are She & They
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