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Showcasing the best of DSM v6 for paid subscribers

With version 6, DesignSpark Mechanical becomes even more special for our paid Creator and Engineer subscribers. You can create professional standard designs and drawings of your parts with our powerful feature set:

  • New Parasolid Modeling Engine: a popular modelling kernel in the CAD industry, its direct modelling capability makes complex model changes easier, can accurately render very large models and minimise memory usage.
  • Default enhanced shaded mode: this shading represents the exposure of the scene to ambient lighting, with shadows and highlights to improve rendering.
  • 3D Mirror Tool: Use this tool to generate symmetrical copies of objects quickly, you only create one half of the 3D model and the mirror tool generates the other half. The two halves can join together in perfect symmetry.
  • Enhanced power selection: Group select multiple faces, edges and other design entities which meet a certain criteria (eg. length, surface area) quickly.
  • Improved constraint sketcher: including new constraint types, Autoconstrain, colour highlighting, and refreshed icons. Using constraints allows you to more easily create sketches to exact sizes and shapes.
  • Improved measure and quality tools: to analyse quality of surfaces, identify problem areas and correct them early before moving to production.
  • Model-based definitions: Model-based definition provides greater clarity of datum / control features over 2D drawings for in-depth 3D visualization with MBD through semantic GD&T and 3D dimension annotations. Easily convey manufacturing requirements and reuse specific parts in multiple projects.
  • Custom symbols for model annotation: create a library of annotation symbols bespoke to your needs, which you can reuse in several designs.
  • Import and Export to AutoCAD DXF and DWG formats, as well as STEP and IGES formats.

Watch them in action:

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