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Select the right Siemens inverter drive from SINAMICS V20, G120C and G120


With 8 questions to the right Siemens inverter drive


1. How is the motor connected?

  •  230V / 400V (delta/star)     
  •  400V / 690V (delta/star)

2.What is the supply voltage?

3. What is the power or rated current of the motor?

4. For which application will the inverter be used?

  • Low overload: for applications with low dynamic requirements (i.e. constant load; continuous operation) like centrifugal pumps, radial/axial fans, positive displacement blowers, radial compressors, vacuum pump, agitators, etc.
  • High overload: for high dynamic applications (i.e. alternating load, cycle operation) like conveyor belts, gear pumps, eccentric screw pumps, mills, mixers, crushers, lifters, countersinks, centrifuges, etc.

5. Which degree of protection is required?

  • IP20 – installation in control cabinet (V20, G120C, G120)
  • IP55 – decentralized design, wall mount

6. Is integrated safety technology required?

  • No requirement for safety functions (V20)
  • Yes, safety functions are required:

=> Is the basic function sufficient (Safe Torque Off)? (G120C, G120)
=> Or is there a need for increased safety requirements such as SS1, SBC, SLS, SDI, SSM? (G120)

7. Is communication required? If yes, using which bus systems?

  • No, communication is not required – terminal to terminal
  • Yes, communication is required – via:

=> PROFINET, Ethernet/IP (G120C, G120)    
    => PROFIBUS (G120C, G120, G120P)
=> USS/Modbus RTU (V20, G120C, G120)
=> BACnet MS/TP
=> CANopen (G120 with CU250S-2-CAN)

8. Is an inverter with integrated filter (Class A / Class B) required to maintain electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) acc. to EN 61800-3 ?

  • Unfiltered inverter (category C4 achieved) (V20, G120C, G120,)
  • Inverter with filter class A for compliance with category C2 and C3 (V20, G120C, G120)
  • Inverter with filter class B for compliance C1 (G120)


View the full Siemens inverter and accesories offer at RS online


View the full Siemens inverter and accessories offer at RS online