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Satisfying PIC Curiosity

Andrew Back
Open source (hardware and software!) advocate, Treasurer and Director of the Free and Open Source Silicon Foundation, organiser of Wuthering Bytes technology festival and founder of the Open Source Hardware User Group.


August 25, 2015 08:35

[attachment=0:1wp81v0x]images (5).jpeg[/attachment:1wp81v0x]This is what I need for my academy, I do courses in electronics and Arduino and also need a PIC development board for teaching this module.

Christo van Wyk

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August 24, 2015 21:05

Nice product for someone not on a FIXED INCOME.
First board is more than 1/2 my monthly rent.

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August 24, 2015 18:41

The release of this product is just the kind of thing I was hoping would happen. I have tried a PIC project, and not coming from a programming environment I found it much more difficult to work with than the Arduino. Too bad, because I like the diversity of devices and features available in the PIC format.

Realizing, per the article, that the Arduino IDE is lacking in important features, I found the MPLAB X quite daunting, with a lot of language I didn't understand. An IDE fitting somewhere in the vast crevice between the Arduino and the MPLAB would be a great help for amateurs like me.

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