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People Challenge - Training and Language

THE CHALLENGE: Create a technology solution that will allow us to deliver real-time training to colleagues in over 32 countries, allowing them to hear it in their local language.

Communication can be defined as the process of sharing information, especially when this increases understanding between people or groups. Globally, we have become more digitally connected than ever before, therefore, ensuring we can understand each other well without misinformation has never been more critical.

Ensuring equitable education is key to what we do but also pivotal to providing each person the opportunity to succeed. In our case, we have operations in 32 different markets.

At present, training is only provided in English - great for those for whom this is their first language - but for others, it needs translating, incurring costs in time and money.


Inclusion training in a global organization is critical to our success. We want everyone to feel that they have the same opportunities for learning, no matter where they live or what language they speak.

We don’t want anyone to feel excluded just because the training is currently only offered in English. Often, when translated, the training content can often come across as ‘clunky’ or unnatural, making it hard work and frustrating to understand – only adding to that feeling of being left out.

Our annual mandatory inclusion training is delivered in multiple languages e.g., spoken in French, Chinese, and English – so even English-speaking colleagues must read subtitles occasionally.

Feedback received indicated that this still proved difficult for some - so we need to find a better, all-encompassing solution.

In an ideal world…

We would have technology that enables us to create content in English, that automatically plays in the local language when the user logs in. A system that eliminates the hassle of trying to read subtitles and hefty translation costs.


Applications are Now Closed!!

Please refer to the overview for full competition information. 

Entry Criteria

  • Teams of 3 to 5 people
  • All team members aged 18-30 at the time of entry
  • All team members registered with DesignSpark
  • All entries must be in English (be able to communicate in English)
  • A passion for sustainability!

Searching for our #RSINNOVATORS

We are looking for 20 teams to take through to the next phase of the competition, where we will support you with a program of mentoring and masterclasses to turn your ideas into innovations!


25 October - Event: Turn your ideas into Innovations! / Competition open for entries 

30 November – Submission Deadline, get your entries in!

December – A shortlist of teams will be invited to submit a video

January – 10 finalist teams announced

February & March – 6-week masterclass and mentoring program to equip your team with the skills and knowledge needed to turn your idea into a reality (teams will need to commit to 1 masterclass, and 1 mentoring session a week)

27th to 31st March – The virtual final, pitch the solution your team has been working on to a panel of judges, and be in with the chance of winning 3 grand prizes!


In case you missed it...

1st Place - £10,000 GBP!

2nd Place - £5,000 GBP!

3rd Place - £3,000 GBP!

  • A total of 3 teams will be crowned ultimate champions! That's 3 chances of winning! 
  • An opportunity to further develop your solutions further through an amazing accelerator program
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