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ROXs, an innovation in kids’ activity gaming, designed using DesignSpark PCB.

DesignSpark PCB has recently been used to design a great product that is aimed at making kids (and their families) more active and fitter. Helping to tackle the growing obesity issue that many western countries are finding themselves in. We spoke to Edmon Roy Bertulfo, an Electronics Design Engineer at A-Champs, to explain about his company’s products and the use of our free software, DesignSpark PCB. Edmon explains all about the product and its concept and design...

A-Champs in the name of the company I work for, our mission is to get kids away from screens and makes them run and jump and play in REAL life. Research shows us that kids these days don't move enough, they spend way too many hours in front of screens and too little time being physically active. Everybody is aware of this problem, but so far there are no convincing product solutions that successfully engage millions of kids in more physical activity. Our mission is to get children of all ages more active now, and in the future.

So, with that in mind, we designed ROXs. The idea is to engage and entertain kids in the same way video games do, but offline, away from tablet and computer screens. ROXs consists of touch and motion sensors, wireless communication, speakers, multi-coloured LED lights, sounds, inbuilt software and a simple gaming concept that makes kids scramble around hunting for high-scores.

The basic set, ROXs BOX, comes with 3 ROXs, a controller with a bunch of pre-programmed games and 3 holsters and straps to fix ROXs anywhere, on a person, a tree or just on the ground. ROXs feature 11 pre-programmed games and you can create your own rules and set the games to the player’s ability level, so you can cater for young or older children. With the dynamic software inside of each ROXs, new games can be downloaded at any time and scores can be shared with friends. The ROXs system can be expanded up use up to 50 additional ROX sensors, imagine the fun you could have with that with all of your friends, the only limit is your imagination!

Other products from the A-Champs range are planned to hit the market beginning of 2017. They all build on the ROXs concept and form an integrated game system. So our future products can be integrated to ROXs, creating an awesome gaming experience.

Designing the ROXs

When it came to designing the ROXs PCBs I had no problem at all deciding what software to use as I was already using it! DesignSpark PCB, which I was introduced to by a friend of mine a couple of years ago, and it has been my CAD tool of choice for both for work (A-Champs and Sky-worldwide) and my own hobby projects ever since.

DesignSpark PCB only requires minimal effort to learn the tool with an interface that is intuitive to use. Helpful and necessary commands, properties and options are all present in the menus. Another factor is that customer support is quick to guide you if you encounter some difficulties. This is great for a free of charge CAD tool. I have been recommending DesignSpark PCB to all my friends, amateur and professional alike. There are lots of products current under development at A-Champs and DesignSpark PCB will be the design software used to create them, so watch this space!

The video below features an interview with the founder of A-Champs Kilian Saekel, who explains all about the ROXs system.

A-Champs Background:

A-Champs’ European development team is based in Los Angeles and Shanghai and brings together an interdisciplinary and multinational team of industrial designers, hardware and software engineers as well as manufacturing professionals. A-Champs, the brand behind ROXs,  is a spin-off of the Shanghai-based manufacturing company, SKY worldwide export and a Design and Product Development company, Design2Gather .

We at DesignSpark would like to thank Edmon for taking the time to tell us all about the A-Champs ROXs activity gaming system and his use of our software in the design of this great product.  We wish the A-Champs team and Edmon, continued success in the future.

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