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RockPi (okdo rock 4c plus) camera setup


This alternative to raspberry pi showed up and since all the Pi's are sold out I thought I would try it.

However, cannot for the life of me find how to attach a camera. The regular rock 4 SE appear to have the same connectors as the regular pi but rock 4c+ has nothing. I have looked everywhere and their support, while they answer occasionally, seem to have no idea. According to specs on the webpage the regular Pi cam should be working but no such luck. The only CSI i find has a configuration I have never seen. Surely it could not attach to the DSI? Does anyone have any experience?

layout according to their support:

enter image description here


Note that the CSI appear to be a connector I have never seen before. The dsi (I understand this as a display port) look like the mipi 22 connector like PiZero's but I am not sure.

EDIT: apparently you need a special cable, You need a 0.3mm pitch to 1mm pitch 15PIN FPC cable

The could have included this in the damn specs when they sold the damn thing !!