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The Rock4 isn’t just an IoT device, it is also a powerful little Linux computer that can act as a useful home server.

This usefulness can be enhanced by running services that are containerized using Docker. In this video, we will be installing Docker on our board and running up a real containerised application to showcase how easily the Rock4 can take on the role of home server.

Some Extra Things To Try

If you have followed the video and you have brought up the application with:

$ docker-compose up -d

You can view the running containers on your system with:

$ docker ps

When you’re done, you can shut down the whole application with:

$ docker-compose down

Try bringing the application back up and see how fast it is to run up this time, when the image is on your local machine and doesn’t need to be pulled from Docker Hub.

To remove your stopped containers, you can use:

$ docker container prune

There's a whole world of containers to explore, so have fun!

Mark completed his Electronic Engineering degree in 1991 and worked in real-time digital signal processing applications engineering for a number of years, before moving into technical marketing.