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Rock 5a virtual interface troubles


Hello DesignSpark Community Members,

I am working on a project to make a Radxa Rock 5a model into a wireless hotspot for various devices to connect to. But I’m running against a problem with the software. My current objective is to create a virtual interface which hostapd will use to host an access point. But when I try using the command:

‘sudo iw phy phy0 interface add test-hotspot type __ap addr 12:34:56:78:ab:ce'.

I get the following error message:

‘command failed: No such device (-19)’.

Which, in my opinion, is strange since all prerequisites should be fulfilled, which include:

* Installed module CFG80211. This is build-in.
* An phy0 with supported interface for AP.

Here are some solutions I tried before coming here:

* Disabling wlan0 and using the command, this was unsuccessful.
* Using the command with a mac address after is.
* Firmware installation. I’ve downloaded the zip file from the following location: at the WiFi & BT Firmware. Installed it in right location which didn't work.
* Set the interface names to their mac addresses which should prevent wrong names being used. This led nowhere.

I hope that someone has a solution to this. Here are my current configurations and hardware that I’m working with:

Model: Radxa ROCK 5 model A (with an Radxa Wireless A8 module that is connected to a Radxa RockPi_PT WiFi-antenne)

Installed Kernel version: 5.10.110-20-rockchip

Some information about the configuration that is currently in the device: