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Republic Polytechnic's Electronics Product Design Competition

Republic Polytechnic’s students use their creativity to design the wearable electronics of tomorrow

Republic Polytechnic – RS University’s first partner university – has used the power of DesignSpark PCB and DesignSpark Mechanical in their latest competition to show how “engineering is fun.”


In July 2014, Republic Polytechnic will be hosting a competition to inspire students to explore their creativity and ingenuity to create their visions of future wearable electronics. Students will use developmental kits such as Arduino Uno accompanied with PCB’s designed using DesignSpark PCB and enclosures designed using DesignSpark Mechanical.

There are prizes up to 700 SGD to be won as well as a chance to participate in the internship program with RS Components. With students busy dreaming and inventing the future fashions of tomorrow, we look forward to seeing what innovative ideas students at Republic Polytechnic are able to conceive!


Republic Polytechnic is the fifth polytechnic in Singapore and the only institution in the country dedicated to learning through Problem Based Learning. The institution started its operation in 2003 and has since nurtured students to be confident learners and problem solvers. In 2013, Republic Polytechnic and RS Components officially established and partnership through RS Components’ new RS University program. The partnership is focused on bringing the latest tools and resources in engineering, PCB artwork and Mechanical design to students. Since the inception of the collaboration, Republic Polytechnic has stated:

“This collaboration allowed us to further broadcast and advocates the importance of engineering work through channels such as students’ competitions.”

A full review of all students’ projects for the competition will made available in August where we will see the wearable electronics of the future!


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