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Renesas Electronics RA Family Microcontrollers and Evaluations Kits

The Spaceman

The RA family of microcontrollers and evaluation kits from Renesas Electronics are recent introductions to the RS Components offer.

They RA 32-bit MCU family are built on the Arm® Cortex®-M core architecture.
Offering a wide range of performance and features, these MCU's deliver the scalability, power consumption and performance needs of embedded systems end-product. A strong Secure Crypto Engine (SCE) maintains strong security whilst a best in class Peripheral IP gives excellent HMI touch technology and wide range connectivity solutions.

The evaluation kits offer a user-friendly development environment to explore your design possibilities. Start coding and debugging straight out of the box by utilising the Renesas e2 studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and E2 emulator.

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