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Reflective Sensor


Hi there. This is my first post on DesignSpark and I am also very new to sensors. I really appreciate any help that someone might be able to offer. 

I am working on a uniflow engine project. I need to control the opening and closing of inlet valve with a sensor. I am currently thinking of using reflective sensors. There will be one reflective point on the crank disc and two sensors to detect it. I need a setup which will open the valve when the output signal is produced by the first sensor and keep it open until the second sensor detects the reflective point and produces it's signal. This will allow for control of the openign time of the valve by moving the sensors relative to each other. I imagine some sort of holding relay? I am unsure whether this exists, however? Or where to start with regards to specifications. If anyone has experience with such a setup or might be able to offer some guidance it would be greatly appreciated.


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