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Reference Design of RENESAS Portable Environment Monitor

This is a reference design of RENESAS Portable Environment Monitor. The RENESAS Portable Environment Monitor was converted into DesignSpark PCB format. Download link of the project files and the article of RENESAS Portable Environment Monitor can be found in the datasheet.

Environment conditions need to be recorded in various scenarios ranging from agricultural environment investigation to factory audit and energy saving monitoring activities in offices.

A portable environment monitor is a convenient tool that enables real-time tracking of temperature, humidity and luminance that can be reflected on the monitor display. This solution suits perfectly for an IoT sensor module.

By simply using four keys, you can set high / low limits of temperature, humidity and luminance. The set value is saved in data flash and once the value exceeds, the alarm will buzz and an arrow symbol will be shown on the LCD module.


Schematic of RENESAS Portable Environment Monitor


PCB layout of RENESAS Portable Environment Monitor


3D view of RENESAS Portable Environment Monitor

BOM list of the board (Key Components):

RS Part Number

Manufacturer Part Number






Luminance sensor (SOT23A)




Temperature sensor




Buzzer (12*7.6 mm)



Renesas Electronics

(LSSOP20_4.4*6.5_0.65 mm)



TSINGTEK Display Co., Ltd

 LCM (5 V)




Humidity sensor (HTG3515 Module)


Technical documents

Download related technical documents

About Renesas RL78 Quick Solution 

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