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16 Jul 2014, 7:32

Red Pitaya - Video Tutorial (device description)

This video gives a quick overview of the Red Pitaya's various measurement, control, communication and storage interfaces.

Below is a top view of the Red Pitaya with the important interfaces labelled:

The following table gives detailed description of each hardware interface:

Table 1: Interfaces and their description
Name Type Connector Description
IN1 Input SMA-F RF input (High-Z, 1 MΩ // 10 pF)
IN2 Input SMA-F RF input (High-Z, 1 MΩ // 10 pF)
OUT1 Output SMA-F RF output (50 Ω)
OUT2 Output SMA-F RF output (50 Ω)
Ethernet Full-duplex RJ45 1000Base-T Ethernet connection
USB Full-duplex A USB Used for standard USB devices
Micro USB (Console) Full-duplex Micro B USB Used for console connection
Micro USB (Power) Input Micro B USB 5 V / 2 A power supply
Micro SD Full-duplex Micro SD slot

Micro SD memory card

For more information, refer to the official user manual at:

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16 Jul 2014, 7:32