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Power supply for testing equipment



I need to build a power supply for a testing machine. The machine use a winch ewx12000winch (jeep winch) to test fall safety equipment.The motor for the winch use as input 12 volt, 5,4 kw and is normally used for the accu from the jeep. We already used an accu of a conveyer, but it can only be used twice and it died afterwards.

The new solution is to connect the motor with a transformer to the net, with also an ability to change the motor speed. In short terms I need a costumised power supply. I think I need a transformer who converts 230 volt to 12 volt with minimall 100 amperes. connected to a frequentiecontroller and this connected to the motor. Where can I find a transformer in the netherlands that convert 230 volt into 12 volt with 100 ampere?

Kind regards

Anh Khoa

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