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Phoenix Contact supports engineers with products for IIoT, IoT or Industry 4.0


Industrial IOT




The intelligent production of tomorrow with Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact is considered to be one of the most innovative global manufacturers of automation products and technology. Their products are used in many different areas in the automation industry, particularly in control cabinets, field installations and all sorts of applications where connection technology is required.

Phoenix Contact has built up their experience over almost 100 years on how to efficiently produce automation components with highest quality. This knowledge also allows them to anticipate quite accurately what their customers – Machine & Panel Builders and Maintainers – require to manage their day-to-day job.

Industrie 4.0 plays an important role at Phoenix Contact and is actually seen as their model for the further development of industrial production, where man, machine and the product itself join forces in an intelligent and independent network. Roland Bent, Executive Vice President for Marketing and Development at Phoenix Contact, has been interviewed by RS Components to share his experience and vision about Industrie 4.0 and the advantages for them as a manufacturer, but more importantly for our common customers.

Phoenix Contact and RS Components are working together in a strategic partnership with the mission to shape active solutions for our customers. With many decades of experience in machine building and automation we are the perfect synergy which does allow engineers to take the inexorable digitalisation of our world and turn it into the intelligent production of tomorrow.

Find out more about Phoenix Contact products and solutions and the role they play in industrial applications sorted by the three key requirements for intelligent production lines:

  • Autonomous and adaptive
  • Communicative and Secure
  • Easy to install

Autonomous and adaptive

One of the central ideas of Industrie 4.0 is to monitor and control a production line remotely and allow changes or modifications even while it´s running. Just image that unexpected events do not lead to production downtimes or reductions in quality. Changing configurations while a production line is running would allow companies to produce batch sizes of 1 at the same cost of a mass production. 

Phoenix Contact offer products which allow engineers to already consider the above in the design phase of a machine or a system. Even maintenance engineers can upgrade their existing applications with innovative components from Phoenix Contact. Especially products like PLCs, I/O modules, HMIs and the extensive data acquisition offer from Phoenix Contact are essential components to consider, as well as the machine safety ranges with plenty of innovative features.

Find out more about Phoenix Contact products available at RS Online.

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Communicative and secure

Ethernet or Internet based communication is often used in intelligent mechatronic systems, which requires safe and secure network infrastructures. This method forms the base of flexible and self-optimizing production processes.

Reliable protection in the event of unauthorized third party access and electrical faults is an essential requirement. Phoenix Contact has developed the components for wireless transmission, Ethernet and PROFINET, and the field of security for industrial use. Industrial Ethernet devices like hubs, media converters, managed and unmanaged switches, wireless routers, but also surge protection components are the backbone of each safe and secure network.  

Find out more about Phoenix Contact products available at RS Online.

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Easy to install

Phoenix Contact is offering innovative connection technologies, plug-in installation systems, and professional tools which will help electrical installers to reduce costs and assembly time while ensuring error-free wiring.

As it is essential to have a reliable communication between all devices in a cooperating system Phoenix Contact provides solutions for Industrial Ethernet networks, hybrid cable systems which allow combined network and power wiring and finally tools to professionally mark all connections in a control cabinet. In order to network remote devices, connectors are used which are either pre-assembled or can be assembled in the field without tools. All these components have one thing in common – meet the requirements of automation engineers to build up an intelligent production – ready for the future.

Find out more about Phoenix Contact products available at RS Online.

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Find out more about Phoenix Contact products available at RS Online.

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