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PCB Service provider PCBWay is located in China

PCBWay is capable of manufacturing Rigid,Flexible,Rigid-flex,HDI,Aluminum,Copper Base,Hybrid PCB with a maximum size of 39.37inch x 23.62inch (1000mm x 600 mm) inches and up to 60 layers layers

FR4,Aluminum,Polyimide can be utilised as the base materials for PCB manufacturing by PCBWay

The key PCB base brands used by PCBWay include: Kingboard,ShengYi

The service provider also offers a range of services including I didn't understand this question clearly,usually is FR4 PCB and valued added services 24 hours sales support,Technical support and after sale service

As one of the best pcb and assembly manufacturer in China,our service help us earn the reputation from all over world engineers. Our PCB as low as $5 for 10ps, and 24 hours delivery time. Also we use Tg150-160 material,the best quality at this level. I think our cooperation could help designers a lot. They could place order with just click the plugin in DesignSpark. And we could talk abourt the commission rate.

Languages spoken include: English and geographies covered include All over world

The link below will take you to PCBWay, where PCBWay’s terms and policies will apply

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Contact Details

Telephone: 8657185317532

I'm a Mechanical Engineer by qualification though I worked for a long time specialising in Motion Control systems and integration with various PLC systems. I've wide experience of many types of applications from packaging machines to military and some applications that I can't mention. At home, I like to tinker and make things with wood, metal, plastics, electronics and mechanical system. I'm never happier than with a hammer and a screwdriver in my hands....
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