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What file extensions needed for backing up data

With autopmatic back up devices such as clickfree the file extensions for special apps eg Design spark and PCB need to be manualy entered into the back up device.

What are the file extensions needed to protect loss of PCB and electrical projects?


Jon D

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May 20, 2020 14:21

One other extension besides .prj, .pcb, and .sch for individual projects is the .mop file.
This stores the plot settings to be used when outputting the manufacturing files. If you are using other than the default auto-generated plot settings, it can be wise to back the .mop files up as well. (Sometimes I will actually keep several different .mop files for a project, tailored to different uses of the output (eg gerber vs pdf) and including a clue as to the purpose in the name. eg, myproj_gerber.mop and myproj_windows.mop, then copy the one I want to use to myproj.mop, which is the name DS PCB will look for when it goes to output manufacturing files for myproj.prj.

Other than that, the files for a given design are self contained. (They contain a copy of any components used in the design.)
But if you want to back up your full DS PCB environment, you will probably (as Boss said) want to back up your libraries as well. These may include components you have created or downloaded but haven't used in a project yet, or wouldn't want to have to go hunting through your projects to find one that had the component safely tucked away within it. The library file extentions include .ssl, .psl, .cml, and .pkg (for schematic symbol library, pcb symbol library, component library, and 3d packages, respectively). There are also some index files, but those will be recreated from the corresponding library files automatically if missing.
There are also the design technology files. (.stf and .ptf) for schematic and pcbs, respectively.
And if you've gotten ambitious, you might have even created some custom report type files (.rft extension.)
And if you've gotten really ambitious, you might have also modified some .dat and .txt files for things like default lists of reference designators or component attributes.
(I also have this vague recollection of a .col file for colors, but that may be obsolete, a mis-memory, or wishful thinking. ;-) )

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May 20, 2020 07:40

In DSPCB you need to save the .prj .pcb and .sch files, keep them contained in the project folder to avoid any confusion between similar file names.
You may also want to consider backing up your library folder.
I thought clickfree folded years ago?
For my backups, I simply create a copy of the Windows project folder and append a date or version number to the folder name. As well as a backup at a specific point in time this allows me to revert to a previous version and develop from there.

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