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Importing library

I've been using DS PCB for years now and I've never had any trouble importing my previous libraries but this time no such luck. I cannot import my downloaded library successfully into DS PCB9.

After importing the downloaded libraries, in the 'folders' tab in the library manager, under the 'PCB Symbols' tab it shows there as being only 19 components. When trying to view any none have pads, only silk screens. But if I click on the 'Components' tab 121 parts show up, this looks far more complete. I can also open the library file in notepad and see all the parts are there they just don't work.

How do I fix this?

I also have a backup of my downloaded files too and this doesn't work either.

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July 13, 2020 08:01

You may need to contact support, but just to clarify when you say "import" I presume you are mapping to the existing libraries and enabling them in the 'folders' tab? This should work as you have done previously.
You mention "... under the 'PCB Symbols' tab it shows there as being only 19 components. ... if I click on the 'Components' tab 121 parts show up, this looks far more complete." You will normally have far more 'components' than 'PCB Symbols' as the footprint will be shared with many components. Look at the library manager 'components' tab to compare with the 'Add Component' list.
There is one more point ".. to view any none have pads, only silk screens." this indicates that you do not have a technology file associated with the footprints. Click on the "Tech. Files." button in the middle of the window and select one from the list, this should sort that out.

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July 14, 2020 14:31

@Boss Actually that's a good point. I haven't linked my technology files to the software update yet. I didn't need to do this before for my old libraries to work, I wonder if this will fix it.

July 13, 2020 08:01

Adding to this, I can't even import the downloaded library into the old version of DS8.1 either.

When installing a new version of DS it always resets the library paths, even in old versions you have installed, so I tried adding importing all my libraries again. They all worked except the downloaded one.

This makes no sense as the library file was working perfectly before I upgraded to 9.

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July 14, 2020 07:36

@5th element, The following discusses how to map the path to a previous version library. which would be worth checking. If that fails please raise a ticket to discuss with our support team.

July 16, 2020 09:20

@RS Components Support Yes I've done all that before and it's worked. This time it has not. I'm not sure what's gone wrong this time. Adding the technology file, as per Boss's suggestion above, added in the pads to the PCB symbols, so that sorted that out. But it didn't fix the components that aren't showing up. If I load up my old PCB save files, I can go to a component that's already in the downloaded library, but isn't functioning and resave it. Then it works and I can edit the footprint again. But not until I resave it.

July 15, 2020 13:05

@RS Components Support Yeah that's what I've done every other time and had no issues with it. I just tried adding in the technology file as described above and although it added in the component pads to the silkscreens it didn't fix the other problem. If I load up a previous design and attempt to 'edit symbol in library' (something I regularly do) it tells me that the component cannot be found in any enabled library. If I go to the add component button (F3) I can see all of the components listed. If I try and use one I get the same message for all of them (except one because I reimported it hoping it would fix the problem) 'No PCB information for component'.

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