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Creation Gerber files

Due to hart stilstand, I was out of electronics for more then one year. Now I will create a PCB by means of Seedstudio. I created the PCB file by means of DisignSpark a long time ago. Today I created the Gerber files. Why is that not one file? Which file do I have to send to Seeedstudio?

Thanks for helping

Jan Lichtenbelt

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May 27, 2021 07:00

Hello Jan,
Welcome back. Gerber files are plots for each layer, such as top and bottom copper, solder masks, paste masks etc., and the manufacturer uses these for the appropriate step in the manufacturing process.
Seeedstudio will specify the plot files and the formatting required which has to be replicated in DSPCB to meet their requirements.
You will also need to supply a drill file again to their requirements.
This area of our articles covers the requirements

If Seeedstudio accepts ODB++ then this is a single file that effectively wraps up all the required plots into a single file and can be selected for the later versions of DSPCB from "Output" on the menubar.

If you require further help, post Seeedstudio's requirements and I'm sure someone will assist.

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May 27, 2021 07:00

I find out in the meanwhile. All Gerber output files, must be combined into a zip file which must be sent to seeedstudio.

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