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Colour Copper Pour


I have just finished my first PCB in the V9.0.1 and it includes a copper pour on the bottom layer. I cannot seem to change the colour of this when I change the bottom colour in the colours menu. Similarly the pads will not change colour either. See image for a better explaniation!

Is this a bug?

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January 23, 2020 09:11

@TerryDesign, Thank you for the post, initial investigations indicates this may be a bug and has been referred to our developers.
Please note there is a patch update to v9.0.2 on the software download page
however it does not affect this reported issue.

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[Comment was deleted]

January 22, 2020 10:05

Hi Terry, Pads, Symbol pads and vias are a different colour from the layer colour as they are "All Layers", if you change them to match a specific layer then it will not correspond to another layer such as Top when you view that layer.
If you wish to change these colours you need to change these individually in the boxes shown in the attached.
I have always used the default colours, but trying what you describe to change the copper pour area copper does not change it. So you may wish to report to support
Or first post on the DSPCB forum to see if anyone else has seen the issue or has a solution.
I did find that if you select the copper pour copper and select Properties you can assign any colour which works.

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