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What is the purpose of Dockable Bars in DSPCB?

This tutorial requires:

DesignSpark PCB V11.0.0

To speed up your design work dockable bars provide quick and easy access to features required for PCB design. For users familiar with DSPCB v10 and earlier these dockable bars replace the "Interaction Bar" providing an improved consistent interface across the tiers.

Dockable bars options.

The dockable bars provide flexibility to customise their location and operation to your preferred workflow and optimise for your display screen size and preferences.

The options available are.

Note. Deselect "Auto Hide" to select other options.

"Auto Hide" is one of the most popular settings as the tab is located compactly in the editing window frame and slides open as the mouse is positioned over the tab. The task can then be completed and the option then collapses back to a tab.

"Floating" allows the individual toolbars to be positioned anywhere for convenience which is particularly useful for larger displays.

"Docking" allows you to dock the toolbars on any side of the PCB editing window. When the bars are 'floating' you can move them over the symbols that appear on the screen to dock on the required side.

With these options available you can customise the layout to suit your 'way of working' and the display screen size available.

Note that the available dockable bars vary according to the tier.

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