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Patch Surface 7 sided with tangency - Plasticity comparison.


In version 2 of Plasticity ( powerful Parasolid modeller) , X-nurbs is introduced for the premium Studio licence. X-nurbs is a fast professional tool having professional Lofting and Patching functionality with G1 and G2 surface continuity controls.

This YT contributor had problems with Plasticity current Indie licence to make the blend. Plasticity xNURBS for PRODUCT DESIGN Can Be Amazing! (

Here below is DSM v6 making the blend with accurate G1 Surface continuity. Surface curvature continuity ( G2) can be approached and approximated by moving the spline control points manually see below image - Explorer can do this!


For many shapes , DSM has sufficiant tools to do the job. Learn with DSM !

Below an automatic Patch fill with tangency - pink faces are a separate face.





Below is the rear face Patch filled with automatic tangency.


TIP: It only works because the pink surface is a separate surface - when patched, then combine the face to join. Tangency is very accurate to all edges.


For users of Creator and Engineer, simply use the Mirror Tool to make a mirror surface joining automatically. An option is to maintain mirror face relatationships or not.