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Paste command not functioning V11.0.0.


I can not paste a PCB that I have completed in an other file.

This function worked without problem in my older version, but since the soft crashed I installed the new V11.0.0 and seemed to work well until here...

I select my layers, I give the COPY command - so far, so good.
Then I switch to the other design where I need to paste all that I copied and the PASTE button is not active, it is grey.

Before this function worked with no problem, since I upgraded to V11.0.0 I never tried until now...
I have worked quite a lot on my files, but it all is useless if I cannot do this step, looks like all my work is wasted, because if I cannot bring all the parts in one single file.

I have 4 finalised parts esch in separate file and I need to merge all of them in a finalised one.

It is either that there is a glitch, or that the function was removed. I never expected a new version to be missing functions that were available in previous ones, and I understand that rolling back can not work since new versions can not be opened by old soft. - so is all the work I have done just wasted?

Is there any fix... or should I look for a better PCB editor?




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