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26 May 2020, 8:10

Overcoming Isolation

Never before has it been easier to empathise with members of our vulnerable communities and relate to what it actually means to live in isolation.

My best friend was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 11 years ago, her health and mobility have gradually deteriorated, and I am now her official carer. Over the years I’ve seen first-hand how simple physical tasks become more difficult and, at times, how loneliness and isolation can be overwhelming. To quote her at the start of the lockdown in the UK, “everyone is having to live my life – stuck at home unable to get out”.

They say that every cloud has a silver lining; our newfound understanding of the restrictions that go hand-in-hand with isolation will hopefully give rise to a wave of innovative new ideas to overcome them.

Which is exactly why RS Grass Roots teamed up with friends at Cadent Gas Limited and Nordic Semiconductor ASA, to help tackle isolation. The resulting design challenge – Connect the Community – is a quest to find the best ideas for easy to use and accessible solutions.

Customer Safeguarding Manager at Cadent, Jo Giles, talks below about isolation, loneliness and how it can impact us all.

DesignSpark Community Manager and all-around geek girl.

26 May 2020, 8:10


May 28, 2020 09:10

Thanks for sharing your experience Leonie. Fingers crossed there will be some good ideas that can help those living in isolation.