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onsemi Solutions for Energy Infrastructure

Energy generation, distribution, and storage are quickly expanding markets due to increasing demand and the need to meet targets set by government policy.  Increased efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions, and a focus on renewable and clean energy are key factors in this Energy Infrastructure Evolution.

onsemi addresses the needs of demanding applications such as solar inverters, electric vehicle chargers, and uninterruptible power supplies with a comprehensive portfolio of energy efficient solutions including Silicon Carbide (SiC) Diodes, Power MOSFETS and IGBTs, Power Modules, and Amplifiers.

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High Current Gate Drivers

Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs)

Current Sense Amplifiers

Power Integrated Modules (PIMs)

650V/1200V IGBTs

Silicon Carbide Diodes


High-Voltage Rectifiers

100V/150V PowerTrench MOSFETs



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