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How to Quickly Choose a DC-DC Converter for Your Application

Choosing a DC-DC converter can be a daunting task. Determining the part that best meets an application's requirements may require reviewing multiple datasheets in order to make an educated decision, even before any simulation or testing can be done in the lab. Maxim Integrated's online EE-Sim design and simulation tool can help to greatly reduce design time by automatically creating a circuit schematic based on application requirements. 

This means spending less time working on datasheet equations, allowing more time to characterise power converters.

In this video, you will learn how the EE-Sim design and simulation tool can automatically select DC-DC converters that meet the requirements for your application.

Time to watch - 4m 47s

Features of the EE-Sim DC-DC design tool:

  • Over 125 parts available to design and simulate
  • Control the trade-off between size, efficiency, and cost
  • Recalculate compensation after component changes
  • Set component derating values Perform efficiency calculations
  • Simulate user-defined line transients
  • Simulate AC and Steady-State with user-defined line and load settings
  • Compare two designs Create custom user plots and reports
  • Export schematic, BOM, and plots in multiple file formats
Register for free at to use EE-Sim.
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