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New DesignSpark Electrical and SOLIDWORKS Electrical product family

Many users of DesignSpark Electrical and SOLIDWORKS Electrical were not aware that they both used the same underlying technology from Trace Software but with different levels of capability and feature sets.


Since the acquisition of Trace Software by DASSAULT SYSTEMES in early 2019, a close partnership began between RS Components/Allied Electronics & Automation and DASSAULT SYSTEMES. Our vision of this partnership is to enable SOLIDWORKS users to take advantage of the vast product catalogue and expertise from Allied and RS Components and for DesignSpark Electrical users to have a seamless growth path to the increased capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Electrical. Since both product lines are built on the same foundation, all DesignSpark projects, libraries, and templates are 100% upwardly compatible with SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics. The interface remains the same and the learning curve is minimized to just the delta in capability available in SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Standard and Professional.

What is in the different levels of our offerings?

The first major difference is that the SOLIDWORKS Electrical packages are perpetual licenses, with no sheet or project size limitations. There are substantial enhancements (typically 6 service packs) every year and direct support from SOLIDWORKS network of global value-added resellers.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics Standard

The next step up in electrical design is this professional-level system. Designed for individual users to handle small to medium-sized projects with no sheet limitations. Speed documentation with over a dozen standard reports, terminal strip, and cabinet drawing automation, outputs to eDrawings and smart PDFs. Expanded administration tools allow for creating and managing your engineering standards, styles, and libraries which are the foundation to handle larger projects.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics Professional

Our most powerful and automated system is a fully-featured schematic system for individual or workgroup power users for local, national or global engineering departments. Built-in real-time, multi-user collaboration utilizing a full MS SQL database improves communication and efficiency among electrical engineering stakeholders. Schematic Professional also enables integration with mechanical engineering teams with SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D add-on. SOLIDWORKS Electrical Pro also features intelligent design reuse with Microsoft Excel automation. Finally, as the backbone of an Electrical Engineering department, SOLIDWORKS Electrical Pro includes ERP integration tools, SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional link, PCB integration, robust API and expanded reports and design rule checks.


This exciting new partnership between SOLIDWORKS and RS Components/Allied Electronics now provides three levels of capability for any level of user on a global scale. A simple statement could describe our three levels as “Good, Better, Best” for ‘Small, Medium or Large” projects. DesignSpark Electrical delivers strong capability and throughput compared to other vendor’s solutions! See the “Schematic Challenge” post to see an example of the technology in action versus generic CAD drawing tools. SOLIDWORKS Electrical products allow even more automation, performance, and scale to address the most demanding and complex projects in the industry. Together, this partnership will deliver more value and utility to our combined customers in the months and years ahead.


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