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New 1000 X-Series Oscilloscopes from Keysight!

The new 4-channel, 200 MHz InfiniiVision 1000 X-Series models help you get measurements you can count on so you can create designs that will change the future. The DSOX1204A and DSOX1204G oscilloscopes leverage the same, proven technology we use in our higher-end InfiniiVision family, giving you professional-level measurements you can trust. Now you can get even more functionality from the 1000 X-Series with capabilities like 4-wire SPI decode and remote connection via LAN.

“Entry level” does not have to mean poor quality and performance. Just because you are on a budget, you shouldn’t have to settle for lesser technology. With industry-leading software analysis and high-end hardware technology, you can measure with a high degree of accuracy at an affordable price. The advanced capabilities like fast Fourier transforms, mask testing, and segmented memory, help quickly analyse and determine signal parameters.

You can have confidence in your measurements knowing you are testing on Keysight-custom technology. The MegaZoom IV ASIC allows for a consistent 50,000 waveforms/second update rate and the highest-sample rate in this class at 2 GSa/s. This means you have a higher chance of catching rare glitches or errors that might not be seen on a similarly priced instrument from another oscilloscope vendor.

The 6-in-1 instrument integration in the 1000 X-Series lets you test more efficiently with twice as many built-in instruments compared to the other entry-level options out there. Not only are you getting all the benefits of a high-quality oscilloscope, you’ll also have:

  • Integrated 20 MHz function generator
  • Frequency response analyser that performs Bode plotting
  • 3-digit frequency counter
  • Patented 3-digit voltmeter
  • Protocol analyser

Upgrading your 1000 X-Series oscilloscope is easy. You can enable the serial decoding options and install bandwidth upgrades at any time by purchasing the software license key. These two new models (DSOX1204A and DSOX1204G) can be upgraded from 70 MHz of bandwidth to 100 MHz or 200 MHz. This way you can purchase the bandwidth you need now, and upgrade as your designs evolve in the future.

Check out how-to tips and tricks for the new 1000 X-Series.

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29 Jan 2019, 15:59