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Need help with building an oscilloscope, because LED lights harm my health (South Africa)


Hi there everyone,

A bit of a fish out of water experience being here for me. I am in no way an engineer or designer in any form. I have a condition in which LED computer displays, and LED bulbs in homes, shopping centres, and restaurants, cause me severe migraines, stress, tinnitus and dizziness. I am not the only one, but the issue is not common enough for large display and lighting manufacturers to care.

With everything from street lights, to phones and even, car displays becoming LED backlit (even OLED), I am REALLY struggling. There is a forum to which I beling that discusses these issues and one of the posts recommends building an oscilloscope to detect the flicker that LED lights and displays emit.For me it is the PWM/flicker, blue light and dithering from bulbs and displays that cause me the issue, so this oscilloscope will help me identify which bulbs I can use at home, which indoor places not to enter, and also which displays and display drivers/PCs to purchase.

I was wondering if there are any South Africans that could help be build this, real oscillospcopes are so darn expensive and I cant currently afford them. Here is the post from the forum.


Thank you in advance.

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