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Monitoring Three Phase induction Motor Parameters using IOT

Yesway Ltd is headed up by Craig Miles, BSc, PGCE, who most recently has taught HNC Industrial Control Systems, and also Marine Engineering, to worldwide students. Over nearly 30 years, Craig has worked for small wireless tracking startups, and a multinational aerospace business, in wireless communications systems development. The initiator of @ThingsLincoln, the Internet Of Things Network. Founder of Yesway Ltd, the two-way radio & Wireless Internet Of Things Company @acraigmiles


August 21, 2020 09:07

Looking into monitoring a 3ph Motor. Load, Vibration heat all IIOT. Can you provide experience with probes you used?

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October 2, 2018 04:29

hii , i have controlled (on/off) of 3 phase inducthin motor using IOT with dol starter ....

January 2, 2019 08:25

@ENOHARCHANDRAKANTH can you help me with the iot part i,e how you implemented iot and programming involved in it

April 3, 2019 08:20

@Mohit1 can u message me on WhatsApp @ 9885336409

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