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Molex providing solutions for Connectivity and Modularity

Ahead of the forthcoming webinar Connectivity and Modularity: Are You Embracing the Challenge? by Molex, we decided to check out a few of their key ranges by taking a closer look at the products. Here are a few selections.

Mega-Fit Single-Row and Dual-Row Wire-to-Wire Connectors deliver 23.0A per circuit through fully protected header pins and receptacle terminals while offering unique keying options to ensure proper mating during termination.

Micro-Fit+ connector is a wire-to-board system which offers a 3.00mm pitch, a higher-current rating of 12.5A and superior design options for flexibility and efficient assembly.

Mini50 with 50% space savings over traditional USCAR 0.64mm connectors, Mini50 are available in sealed and unsealed single- and dual-row receptacles.

Ultra Fit these high-density Power Connectors allow the terminal locking mechanism to be incorporated into the receptacle housing, to optimize space savings

Are your designs ready? 

Why not join us for the webinar on 24th January 2020 when DesignSpark will partner with Molex to learn about the challenges of selecting connectors for the next generation of electronic devices, and how you too can be ready.

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