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1 Jun 2015, 13:44

Modularity meets high mating cycles

HARTING's Han® HMC series takes the ever-popular Han connector into the world of modular manufacturing and the Internet of Things. Let's take a look at how this new range is helping engineers implement the latest theories of production.


In modular production, which is a key requirement of Industry 4.0, system modules are changed several times every day. The aim is to be able to reset a system and change from manufacturing one product to another at any time. In extreme cases this might be to produce a batch size of one. The ability to replace system modules quickly is crucial. Interfaces for all the lifelines of industry are required: data, signal and power. As well as requiring a strong power supply, modular machines need to communicate frequently between their control systems and their peripherals.

Under industrial conditions, this means connection technology has to be both robust and flexible, and must continue to function perfectly even after a module has been plugged and unplugged a thousand times. Connectors ensuring such connections must ideally be designed to save space and combine different functions, simultaneously transmitting signals, data and power.


The HARTING Technology Group has developed the Han® HMC (High Mating Cycles) series to precisely meet these requirements. It connects housings in accordance with the tried and tested Han® standard with inserts and HMC contacts. The strategic enhancement of the portfolio now also allows modules from the well-established Han-Modular® series to be integrated in housing for high mating cycles, which puts HARTING in a position to meet the growing demands of modular production even more effectively.

Machines that consist of individually controllable parts can quickly be adapted to new requirements, thanks to universal interfaces. Ideally, connectors must combine different functions in a compact space. With Han-Modular® HMC, the HARTING Technology Group combines the key requirements of flexible manufacture – modularity and high mating cycles.

With the new Han-Modular® Hinged Frame HMC it is now possible to integrate modules in Han® HMC housing which have been designed for over 10,000 mating cycles. The main difference between conventional hinged frames and the new version is the PE contact. This has a special coating and has been attached to the frame in a particular way. 


The combination of Han-Modular® with Han® HMC opens up a wide range of new options to users. For example, for the first time it is possible for a Han® HMC connector to include several types of transmission – data, signals and power – in the same connector which is furthermore robust enough to withstand 10,000 mating cycles. There are many options for different combinations.

Using connectors specially designed for high mating cycles cuts the cost of operation and maintenance in modular machines, while set-up times and downtimes are also shorter. Modular and hybrid interfaces also increase flexibility and save space. Han-Modular® HMC is therefore ideally suited for utilization as a central interface in Industrie 4.0.

The Han® HMC series is now available to buy from RS Components. Click the button below to see the range.


HARTING Ltd is skilled in the fields of electrical, electronic and optical connection, transmission and networking, as well as the manufacture of Industry 4.0 solutions. We use this expertise to craft solutions for the transportation, data transmission, wind energy, mechanical engineering, factory automation, automotive and robotics markets. HARTING also design and manufacture cable assemblies, box builds, kit assemblies and modified products at our UK facility in Northampton.

1 Jun 2015, 13:44