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Mission Responsible | Coming Soon | NEW Podcast Series

Mission Responsible Podcast Launches Soon


Your mission - should you decide to accept it - is to join Drs Shini Somara and Simon Clark as they harness their inner spies to explore how responsible engineering can build a better planet.

Join our agents as they take on missions, where each week they will interrogate industry experts and then head out on a field mission to explore the latest advances in technology and finally take on a formidable challenge from agent Cameron at ‘D’ branch.

Become technology spies and explore how responsible engineering can build a better planet as missions include looking at reducing e-waste by asking whether we should stop buying and start repairing our technology or meet the engineers quietly fixing noise pollution.

On Field Missions

The Missions:

  • Mission 1: Repair - Is it time to stop buying and start repairing our tech?
  • Mission 2: Noise - Meet the Engineers quietly fixing noise pollution
  • Mission 3: Skills - Decoding the internet of skills
  • Mission 4: Cities - Working smart and living sustainably in the cities of the future
  • Mission 5: Travel - Cleaning up the skies and space
  • Mission 6: Food - Can we engineer our food to be better?

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All missions will be available to listen to on your favourite podcast platform of choice from the 18th of February 2024 but don't forget to hit the subscribe button.

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Mission Responsible Podcast is an RS DesignSpark Original Series Listen today on Podbean, Spotify, YouTube or Apple Podcasts. #MissionResponsible
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