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Mechanical support centre

DesignSpark Mechanical was created to fulfil your needs as a 3D CAD designer without imposing the huge costs and lengthy training associated with some 3D CAD packages. Still, there are times when you may need a helping hand with our software, whether you have a burning question or simply want to suggest some improvements.

Top FAQs

Where can I download DS Mechanical?

The software can easily be downloaded via the DS Mechanical Download page on the DesignSpark website.

Guidelines about 32/64bit and step-by-step activation processes are also included within this page.

How do I access the 3D model library?

Hosted by Traceparts, this 3D model library puts 75,000 3D models from a wide range of suppliers at your fingertips.

Just click on this icon in the ‘Design’ tab of DS Mechanical to visit the library homepage and look for your preferred part.

Make use of the featured 3D models on the homepage to get used to the navigation and download options.

I'm a newbie, how do I start with DS Mechanical?

After you launch the software, you should see a 'Quick Guide' tab to the left. Within here there are step-by-step instructions to create your first design and get familiarised with the basic functionality.
Also visit our support centre to see our library of video tutorials.
Click Here for Video Tutorials.

Can I use DesignSpark Mechanical for commercial designs?

DesignSpark Mechanical allows users to use the software for personal, educational and commercial designs

Can I run DesignSpark Mechanical on a virtual machine?

Users report successfully operating DS Mechanical on VMware Workstation 7.x and Player 3.x, Oracle Virtual Box 4.3 and higher.

What are the import and export formats available

Import: RSDOC, ECAD files (IDF, IDB, EMN), OBJ, SKP, STEP (read only), STL, TXT, JPG, BMP, PNG
Export: RSDOC, AMF, DXF, OBJ, 3D PDF (facets only), SKP, STL, XAML, JPG, PNG


Do I need internet access to use this software?

Our DesignSpark software is available for use by registered DesignSpark members.
The software will periodically check that the user is still registered on DesignSpark, if the software can not verify the user i.e. there is no internet connection, then it will continue trying for 30days and then give notice that the software will stop working after a further 30days.
It is therefore recommended that the system is connected to the internet at least once every 30 days to ensure seemless usage.

How do I import an ECAD file like IDF or EMN from DesignSpark PCB or another software?

An IDF exported from DSPCB comprises of two files - IDB (board file) and IDL (library file) Make sure to always keep the IDB and IDL in the same folder. To open in DSM, select only the IDB file.

Edits will always be saved in DS Mechanical's native format of RSDOC.

Does the license for the add-on modules expire?

There is NO expiration date for any of the licenses (Exchange, Drawing or the bundle) you have purchased. However, it is essential to remember that the add-on modules come with 12 months maintenance package included in price, which gives you access to any enhancements to the premium functionality, bug fixes, etc.

Need support for our Mechanical software?

For support tutorials, videos and questions, visit:

Mechanical Support Centre