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Symmetry line in drawing

Is there a possibility to create symmetry lines in drawings (addon module) that are fixed to the view - i.e. move with the view - but are not visible in the model? The line should only be visible in the drawing similar to the centerline for holes.

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April 19, 2021 08:43


You could try:
1. Use construction lines to mark symmetry. These will be listed as curves in the drawing sheet only and not visible in the source model.
The drawback is they will not relocate when views are moved unless you group select the curves and the view when moving them.

2. Annotate with the GD&T symmetry symbol (defined by ASME Y14.5 standard) and connect to the view using a note leader. Using this method means the GD&T symbol always moves with the view.

Please take a look at the GIF for a demo.

Best regards,
DSM Support

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