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Merging the lines

Simple question. It there any possibility to megre two straight lines to one?

Example: Sometimes i can't just draw one line, bcs I don't know the start and the end point, but only the centre of that line. So I draw two lines from centre point to certain lenght directly opposite to each other. But what I get, is two lines instead on one. Only possibility I see, is draw one new line over those two and delete old ones. But sometimes I accidentaly delete also that new one. That's why I'm asking, if is there some option to merge them to make one new line. Combine tool doesn't work.



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August 3, 2020 09:12

Use the Line tool with the option 'Define line from center'
The other way is draw two lines as you described then use the 'Create Corner'
tool to join the two lines as one.

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