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MAY 31, 2023 - OLD DesignSpark PCB versions will be switched off!


I was dismayed to get this message.


I am not too sure what it means. I am using DS 9. I have been using DS for some years and have projects going back to DS 7.

From past experience whenever I update, it all goes horribly wrong. After an update I find I can no longer edit projects from a earlier version. Usually all my libraries are totally screwed. Design Technology files and defaults are all messed up. It takes days to recover only to find that most of the things I hate about DS are still the same!

Here is just one example (among many):-

Why can't I change the colour of an instance of a text string or another object? Surely colour should be an attribute of a text object? Instead it is related to a so called 'style'. It's equivalent to buying a red car and deciding to respray it blue. When you visit the dealer you are told 'you can't respray it blue unless you change all future cars of the same type to blue. I get the impression that whoever designed the software doesn't really understand Object Oriented Programming.

A similar thing applies when it comes to rotating one or more objects.

There are many similar issues.

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