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Maxim Integrated product update

Working alongside the major electronics suppliers to bring you the latest products is one reason to stay connected with RS Components and DesignSpark. With the new Maxim Integrated page appearing on RS Components, we think there are a few more.

How about these Ultra-Small, Ultra-Efficient Buck Regulators for a start?

The MAX15062 (190-7874) series of ultra-small, high-efficiency, synchronous step-down DC-DC converters are the industry’s smallest high-voltage synchronous buck regulator. 


Consider the MAX16052 (190-5826) family of small, low-power, high-voltage monitoring circuits with sequencing capability, ideal for use in power-supply sequencing, reset sequencing, and power switching applications.

Or the MAX4544 (190-5483) precision dual analogue switches designed to operate from a single +2.7V to +12V supply. Their low power consumption (5µW) makes them ideal for battery-powered equipment. 

Then there is the MAX4428436V (190-6383) a precision current-sense amplifier optimised for very low power, with only 21μA of quiescent current.


Not forgetting the DS28CM00 (190-5630) a low-cost, electronic registration number to provide an absolutely unique identity that can be determined with the industry-standard I²C and SMBus interface.

To view the full Maxim Integrated offer head over to RS Components and search Maxim.


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2 Oct 2019, 7:29