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Math question for taper


So now that I have the basics down for my little project piece I am working on, I need help with math. It's kind of like a female tapered pipe fitting without threads that I am asking about. I am going to slide this tapered piece over an existing object the has a .050" difference from one end to another and the piece is .680" long. So it measures .900 on the larger end and .850 on the narrow end. If I make a cone that won't be accurate so I will need to use the revolve tool. My question is how do I angle the one line I will draw before I revolve it to get the desired taper?? I know how to make the line angle, but what is the math formula to come up with the proper angle in degrees?




Edit: I think I figured it out and it's too easy. Just use two lines and set them to .900  and .850 and vertically spaced apart at .680 and snap a line. I just woke up. :)


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