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Making Automatic Shoes Using Drills!

Over on our Youtube channel we bring to life kids' invention ideas, sometimes the things we build are super polished and other times we experiment and have a go at solving a problem. This build was very much that- 9-year-old Amorie challenged us to build his automatic shoes, so we gave it a go!

Automatic shoes seem like the dream and we have always loved the idea of wizzing around and not having to walk long distances, so when we saw Amorie’s invention we knew we had to give it a go.

As you can see from the video, our first idea didn't quite go to plan- their was too much friction for the flexible drill shaft! We did managed to make a basic prototype by welding some drill extenders together. It worked but is still a little clunky. However, we are really up for doing a second version of the drill shoes, we love this idea and think it has so much potential! To get involved in this process please leave any comments or suggestions below.

If you know of any kids whose inventions we should bring to life then you can send them to our website-


Hey! We are 'Kids Invent Stuff', a youtube channel that brings to life kids' invention ideas. Run by Ruth Amos & Shawn Brown, we set a different invention challenge each month and 5-11 year olds submit their invention ideas at as picture or videos. We then choose an invention to bring to life and film the process of building and testing it. We then upload the videos to our channel