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Understanding the basics of Alps Alpine's Magnetic Sensors

Principles of Alps Alpine Magnetic Sensors

Magnetic sensors are used to change electrical signals after detecting a magnetic state.There are various kinds of magnetic sensor, typical ones being Hall sensors and MR sensors.As implied, Hall sensors make use of the Hall effect, while MR sensors use magnetoresistance (MR) effects.

The Hall effect is the occurrence of a Hall voltage when a magnetic field is applied across a Hall element, whereas magnetoresistance effects are the changes in the electrical resistance of an MR element when a magnetic field is applied across the element.Alps Alpine magnetic sensors are MR sensors.


The Difference Between Hall Sensors and MR Sensors

A Hall sensor detects the strength of a magnetic field perpendicular to it, whereas an MR sensor detects the angle of a parallel magnetic field.

For that reason, MR sensors generally have a wider detectable area that absorbs layout error.sensor_lp_01_02_f8e80d2863994211de8225a618aee7587eef0307.png

Alps Alpine MR sensors also have an excellent signal-to-noise ratio as output is at least 10 times higher than a Hall sensor.


Features of Alps Alpine Magnetic Switches

Besides the detectable area and signal-to-noise ratio mentioned above, Alps Alpine magnetic switches enjoy lower sensitivity variation than Hall sensors, allowing consistency even with temperature fluctuation.


Alps Alpine Magnetic Switch Lineup

Alps Alpine magnetic switches come in a number of varieties depending on the mounting method (size), drive voltage and output type.

Part number Appearance Size Operating voltage Operating magnetic field Output
HGDESM021A map_type_1e01f41345e2e99ab94a055f17b07358504db3f5.png 1.1×0.9×0.55 Typ. 1.8V

(1.6 min. to 3.6V max.)


Typ. 2mT

(1.3 to 2.7mT)


Typ. 1.2mT

(0.5 to 1.9mT)

Single-pole, single-output
HGDEPM021A Double-pole, single-output
HGDEDM021A Double-pole, double-output
HGDEST021B sot23_typ_37a302354e796e1a3e9b4aef6133b8eee5a0b7f8.png 2.9×2.8×1.1 Single-pole, single-output
HGDEPT021B Double-pole, single-output
HGDFST021B Typ. 5V

(4.5 min. to 5.5V max.)

Single-pole, single-output
HGDFPT021B Double-pole, single-output
HGDVST021A 3 to 30V Hon.(+)

Typ. 2mT


Typ. 1.4mT

Single-pole, single-output

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