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M4 thread

Hello, I would like to make a part with many threaded holes. Is it possible to make M3-M4-M6 threaded holes easily? 

I am planning to buy the technical drawing add in and the threaded holes must be marked differently from the others on the drawing. 

Thank you in advance



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September 6, 2018 07:40

Hi Zoltan,

With the Drawing add-in, you can add cosmetic threads which are part of your drawing annotations. Attached is an image showing this. You can add notes for thread type in the drawing sheet.

For physical threads, this tutorial helps: You can find the correct thread data charts here:

Kind regards,

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September 10, 2018 14:47

@Joy Ch Thank you for your reply. That is what I said. If I have to make many threaded holes I must draw all of the threads. It is weard. I am seriusly thinking about buying a CAD program below 2500 EUR but unfortunately DesignSpark is not an option yet. It may in couple years but not yet. It would be important making any thread by one click. It does not have to be seen on the model but on the drawing. Best regards, Zoltan

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