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LUMA Industrial Design Service


DesignSpark has joined up with LUMA Industrial Design to offer rapid design solutions utilising CAD modelling, 3D printing and prototyping. Their focused team of specialist product designers can take a simple idea and create working prototypes, one-offs and market-ready products. Using the latest technologies and most reliable suppliers, make LUMA-iD your new problem-solving partner. 


LUMA Industrial Design provides; 3D & 2D CAD design, full product design consultancy, injection moulding ready designs, design for manufacture consultancy (DFM), 3D printed prototypes, one-off presentation models, concept visualisations for investment presentations and end-use packaging design.

About LUMA Industrial Design Based in London, LUMA-iD specialises in product design and 3D printed prototypes. LUMA-iD works closely with its clients to produce the ideal product, whether a one-off CAD model or an entire production-ready design. LUMA-iD is constantly exploring new avenues to provide a growing range of services to simplify the design process for its clients. Contact LUMA-iD for a free quotation or to arrange a meeting.

DesignSpark is your go-to engineering design platform from RS Components, providing free CAD software, online resources, and design support. Our flagship CAD software includes DesignSpark PCB, DesignSpark Mechanical and DesignSpark Electrical. Join our community at

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