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Load my old pad definitions from 7.0 into my new 7.2 version



OK, I have all my old custom Components loaded, but I don't seem to have my (many) Pad definitions (custom Pads).

I am starting a new PCB and creating a new component. How do I get ver 7.2 to read my (previously designed) custom Pads?

In the Library, I create the schematic symbol (within the Schematic tab).

Then, (in the Library) I go to the PCB tab and I place a Pad, then I want to change it (change its Properties) from the default Pad to one of my previous custom Pads.

I recall that it is - somehow - in the Settings | Design Technology pop-down, but I do not see anyway to load my previous Pad definitions file.

Any Help will be much appreciated. TIA.

Best to all,