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Kids Invent Stuff build 8-year-old’s Robot Scarecrow for Halloween

We run Kids Invent Stuff - the YouTube channel where 5-11-year-olds can get their invention ideas built and tested by real engineers.

Last week we released a video showing how we built 8-year-old Chester’s Creepy Robot Scarecrow, the ‘Scarecrowtron’, and this week it’s time to test it by pranking some people!


At the beginning of the month we picked Chester’s invention idea to bring to life for our Halloween Pranks Challenge. We asked kids for their ideas for inventions to prank people with this Halloween.

This week we tested out Chester’s invention by pranking some students. The Scarecrowtron was a lot of fun to test and definitely gave a few people a fright!

Here’s what happened when we took it to a University on what turned out to be 80’s night!

We release a new invention challenge every month (we are currently looking for kids’ ideas for Morning Machines – inventions to help you start your day). So if you want to see our other invention challenges and some of the other crazy things we’ve built, then check out our YouTube channel and subscribe.

Keep inventing!

Ruth & Shawn

Hey! We are 'Kids Invent Stuff', a youtube channel that brings to life kids' invention ideas. Run by Ruth Amos & Shawn Brown, we set a different invention challenge each month and 5-11 year olds submit their invention ideas at as picture or videos. We then choose an invention to bring to life and film the process of building and testing it. We then upload the videos to our channel