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Is it possible to "Name a dimension"

Is it possible "name a dimension" in DS Mechanical?

Example: If i construct a simple box with slots to fit 6mm acrylic sheet, I want to name the thicknes-dimension of all slots "Sheet_thicknes", and then somehow define (Sheet_thicknes = 6mm).

Later on, if i decide to change the material to 8mm sheets, I just redefine (Sheet_thicknes = 8mm), and all my slots in the sketch fits the new sheet-diamension.

Is this possible in DS Mechanical? ...and in that case, how?


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October 2, 2020 13:53

If the drawing you want is only in 2D, then yes.
Using the 'Equal distance constraint' as described here by @Tim Heeney. Only the size would relate to the depth not the width.

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October 15, 2020 14:26

@JACANT Thank You, that helps a lot! (I have to admit that I was the stupid one, still running the old 4.0 version... Shame on me.)

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