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Intelligent SL500 Modems & the SirettaLINK Management Portal

As industrial IoT expands and the need to connect to remote equipment increases, starting a cellular solution project is potentially a big distraction, if it’s not part of the core business. To avoid lengthy development periods developing code and then wondering if the product can provide a reliable connection, why not look to Siretta’s “plug and play” solution?

This is a combination of Siretta’s intelligent SL500 modems and the SirettaLINK Management Portal. The SL500 modems are available in LTE CAT 1LTE (219-8154) CAT M/NB-IoT (219-8155) models, ideal for most industrial IoT applications, and use an embedded STM32F405 ARM® Cortex® M4 core processor to implement advanced functionality.

SirettaLink process overview

In conjunction with the SirettaLINK Management Portal, this provides:

  • A “plug-n-play” solution
  • Connection reliability for remote equipment to a central resource
  • Cloud communication
  • Automatic configuration for the active network
  • Online device management and control
  • Real-time graphical reporting and connection status

SirettaLink Applications

If this is the solution to take the headaches away, why not take a look at the SirettaLINK Informational Video below. The video will give you an overview of how the SirettaLINK solution could help you and your application.


Siretta are a leading developer and manufacturer of Industrial IoT products, software and solutions. We have extensive knowledge and experience within IoT with a focus on cellular technologies in support of 2G (GPRS), 3G (UMTS), 4G (LTE), NB-IoT and LTE Category M as well as the emerging 5G.
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